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What is Mission Comfort?

Misión Comodidad de Tejas, Inc., dba, Mission Comfort, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was founded by Hunter Kolon in 2013 after her first medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic. The MISSION of this organization is simply to provide comfort to those who need it. Over the past years, Mission Comfort has provided comfort through a variety of means to sugarcane workers in La Romana (and the surrounding areas), the homeless in downtown Houston, immigrants, Flood victims in Texas and Louisiana, helping the Valle Del Cauca Restorative Justice Program for Juveniles, in Cali, Colombia, and now funding a college, university, or trade school scholarship program for a local high school.

Since 2013, Mission Comfort has developed 3 main functions that are greatly valued in our organization, and have held true in all of the work we have done: to empathize, to educate, and to empower. Each of these values has been given a page on this website in order to explain how these came to fruition through our work. Our mission cannot be achieved without a deep understanding of these 3 values. We deeply believe that each and every person has the ability to contribute to the world in a positive way by choosing to practice and share these three principles with others. 

The Three Core Values

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