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Mission Comfort feels the calling to EXPAND OUR VISION, in whatever way, shape or form God leads us toward. While we work on our expansion, we are focused on three ideas, inspired by Jossy Chacko: to enlarge our vision, empower our people, and to embrace the risks. 

In 2018, Mission Comfort provided "Micro Loans" and Financial Education Planning to  12 unemployed women of the Bateys. These loans will enable the women to start "mini" business and provide additional income to help support their families. As for long-term goals, we hope to have a positive impact on women's rights in areas like human trafficking and education, and continuing children's education rights in other areas of the world.


In 202l, Our Founder's sister, Piper Kolon became Head of Fund-Raising for Mission Comfort. Piper collected and distributed clothing, food, pet food, and personal items for the Freeze victims in Katy, Texas. 

In 2022, Piper is donating cheerleading clothing to Silent Fury gym for girls who can't afford uniforms. 

She has also picked up the vision to Educate. Piper has launched a College, University, or Trade School Scholarship Program for a graduating senior at a local high school. The scholarship will provide the graduating senior with a $4,500 scholarship.

On May 4, 2022, Piper awarded the $4,500 scholarship to a graduating senior from Katy High Schoo, Katy, TX. The recipient was chosen by a selection committee, headed by, the Lead Counselor of Katy High School. 

Continuing the scholarship effort, Piper raised $2,500 for a 2023 High School Senior Scholarship. It will be awarded in April 2023.

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