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Mission Comfort believes in the vitality of empowerment. Through all of the work we do, we seek to give people that are struggling the tools they need to provide a healthy life for themselves and for their families. Empowerment is about showing people that they are loved, they are believed in, they are cared for and that they are heard. It is about protecting the vulnerable, standing up for the broken, providing help to the needy; but also showing them that, when given the tools, they can provide all of this and more for themselves and for their families. 

Empowerment is about supporting local organizations, like our work with Mision Maranatha in the Dominican. It is about partnering with local churches and organizations that will continue to do the work they have been doing when we leave. Mission Comfort believes that we can only really do two things: plant seeds and foster the growth another church or organization has already inspired. We are not here to relish in the fruits of our labor or celebrate the good deeds we have accomplished. We are here to set things in motion or partner with organizations and support them in their work. We are here to show people that they can do everything they want to do and become anybody they want to be with the right resources. 

Mission Comfort believes that we who have been trusted with more are called to share what we have been given. We are called to share what we have been given to others so that we empower them to fulfill their purpose and their dreams. Whether it is through letting a village of children know that through an education they are EMPOWERED to become whoever they want to be become, or giving a homeless man a suit so that he can be hired for a job that will EMPOWER him to get his life back on track, we believe that this is the most important of the 3 values. 

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