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In 2015, we asked one of our translators and trusted friends in the DR what he thought was the single, most important thing that these people needed. His response was this: "Education is the most valuable thing you can give these people. Without an education, these people are stuck in the Bateyes forever." Perplexed, we wondered how we could provide these people with an education. Education is not something that can be collected, not something that can be wrapped with a pretty bow and across seas. 

While we were in the Dominican, we heard from a local organization called Mision Marantha Inc, a branch of The Good Samaritan Mission Council, also a 501(c)(3) organization. GSMC is a “NGO” (Non Governmental Organization) established in the Dominican Republic. The representative from this organization shared with us their work building schools in sugarcane villages. 

Over the course of 6 months, Mission Comfort raised over $20,000 to BUILD A SCHOOL in Batey Comoquiera, a privately owned sugarcane village that did not have one. During June 2016, our team traveled to the DR to work with the Dominican team and finish construction of the school. Mission Comfort raised the money through various fundraisers with local companies like Dairy Queen and Kendra Scott, through private donations, and through public donations through organizations such as the Texas Association of Student Council- District 7. Without the love and support from the community, and the impossible made possible by Christ, this would have been an insurmountable feat. 

Education is the most important gift that we can give people. Whether it is giving books to the homeless in Houston, or building a school in the Dominican, or simply sharing the story of the injust plight of the sugarcane workers with elementary school students, Mission Comfort believes that every single person has the NONNEGOTIABLE RIGHT to an education. Without an education, the children of the Bateyes will never be able to escape the chains of poverty, disease and death that sugarcane work offers them. With an education, these kids can get jobs in the city that remove them from their circumstances and promise a better life. With an education, the homeless in Houston can get jobs that get them off the streets and back on the right track toward a stable, successful life. With an education, children that are given 'more' simply by circumstance can help us work toward providing a better life for the poor and the suffering. 

To educate is to equip one with the tools they need to fulfill their purpose and follow their dreams. To educate is to give these kids HOPE FOR A FUTURE-- La Escuela de Esperanza, The School of Hope. 

La Escuela de Esperanza

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